Welcome Home Sunday Week 81

It’s time for Welcome Home Sunday Week 81! This Is A Weekly Update I Share On Weekends About What Is Going On Inside My Home along with other bloggers. I have a lot of projects going on this week!

painted trunk side table reveal

Ever have those weeks when you feel like a rock star?

This was one of those weeks.

Lists got checked off, things got done and plans were made.

When everything lines up, that makes this momma so happy.

But that’s not to say everything went the way I wanted it to! It’s all a give and take.

My sweet 6’6″ 16 year old was gifted a car from my momma. So his heart was all set to get the car tags and finally test for his drivers license. The car got new license plates, but the testing was full for the day.

That was a big hooray followed by a sad trombone! But we are trying again next week! Finger’s crossed.

And we made progress on the room swap=a-rooni.

If you missed the announcement, we have decided to push pause on the deck renovation. We need a space for a guest room, so here’s what’s about to happen.

The boys video game room in our basement will become my oldest sons room. So he’s moving downstairs.

Then his old room will become our youngest boys room which should be easy since it’s right across the hall.

And finally, that old room will become a guest room for my Mom to come and stay for months at a time – I hope!

That means ceilings are in the process of being scraped, walls getting prepped and painted and a whole lot of furniture is getting moved, sold or donated.

But I can’t wait to share the progress as we move along.

So let’s get to this week’s guest host! Rachel from The Ponds Farmhouse is joining us and she has the most amazing Ikea Hack that you must check out!

Welcome Home Sunday Week 81

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