Welcome Home Sunday Week 80

Each and every week, I join a group of talented bloggers where we share our latest tips and tricks with you to help you create a home you love. Here is Welcome Home Sunday week 80.

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How do you view Sundays?

Is it the end of the weekend?

Or the beginning of the new week?

I love to think of this day as the end of the weekend, slowly winding down before all the crazy begins the next day.

But sometimes, I have to force that wind down.

By nature, I like to keep my hand busy, so I’m usually in project mode.

And if the project isn’t finished, I find it hard to take a day off to relax, knowing that is still hanging over my head.

But I’ve learned that it is so important to step away, relax your mind, and rest for just one day.

I’m just like you, and burn the candle at both ends, and maybe even a few spots in the middle.

I work two jobs, have two busy teen boys, and still have all the typical household chores that we all must tackle.

So taking a day off is sometimes tortuous having work hanging over my head.

Then I remember that we are called to rest.

Think about it – God rested on the 7th day.

Did he need to? No way! He is God with endless energy. But he rested to show us the importance of taking time off.

Our bodies need that recharge, so that we can be better conduits of His Grace in us.

So, put your project down, and take some time to relax. You deserve it, my friend!

This week, we are so lucky to have Paula from Virginia Sweet Pea joining us for Welcome Home Sunday Week 80. You will love her creative storage ideas!


Welcome Home Sunday Week 80

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