Welcome Home Sunday Week 73

Every week. a group of bloggers gather together sharing their posts from the week. Lots of inspiration for this weeks Welcome Home Sunday Week 73.

Welcome Home Sunday Week 72 Coffee Table in Sunroom

Yesterday, I worked out in the yard pulling weeds from our neglected garden beds.

When I came inside, my son looked at me and said, “Whoa, Mom! You’re really sunburned!”

I found that odd since I had been working in the shade for just over an hour.

So I went to mirror to check it out and I was red as a beet complete with a soaked shirt.

But I knew the culprit.

I was overheated. When I workout, or do any physical labor, the first place I sweat is my face.

So I took his cue to pause for a moment and rest.

Obviously I needed a cool down.

And I realized that I was working myself way too hard. So when I went back out, I moved slower. But I found something in the process.


Prior to that break, I was frazzled and hurried just to get the job done. But afterward, I found myself singing along with the music and enjoying myself.

So, I hope this encourages you the next time you’re frazzled to stop, take a break, and move at a slower pace.

You just might find yourself smiling, too!

Now onto this week’s posts! We are so excited that the Oh-so-talented Ann, from Dabbling and Decorating, is joining us! Ann is a fellow vintage lover and I can always find inspiration from her home!


Welcome Home Sunday Week 73

Welcome Home Sunday Week 73 featuring a weekly guest!

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