Welcome Home Sunday Week 72

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Welcome Home Sunday Week 72 Coffee Table in Sunroom

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

What a surreal one, no?

This week, our boys finally felt the weight of this pandemic.

My oldest will be a senior this fall and worry overcame him about what that may look like.

Our youngest is bouncing off the walls, full of testosterone and ready to get back out.

But even I felt the letdown.

I don’t share this often, but my father isn’t doing well. He’s experiencing issues with his heart. So being 8 hours away during a pandemic means I can’t see him.

Since I want to keep him safe, we are staying away.

But it’s certainly not easy.

I’m doing my best to try to stay busy with projects and my husbands new business is starting to grow during this unprecedented time!

So instead of feeling the weight of it all, I choose joy!

Joy that I can spend time with my boys.

Praise for the success of my husband’s start up.

Blessed to be worried about my father because 24 years ago today, he was given a grim cancer diagnosis, beat all the odds and is still with us!

So wherever you are in this, know you are not alone!

And I hope this round up of decor post inspires you. This week, I am so excited to have Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate joining us. I am a long-time follower of hers and am totally fan-girling that she’s joining us!

Welcome Home Sunday Week 72

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