Welcome Home Sunday Week 55

I’m honored to join a group of fabulous bloggers each week, sharing their DIYs and home decor ideas with you for Welcome Home Sunday week 55.

I’ve been in this hallway a lot this week.

On the other side of our door is our garage, and trip after trip out to this room was made.

We have been working on our master bedroom and are slowly putting it back together.

And I cannot wait to have it done and everything back in its place.

If you are new here, you may not know that its normal for me to feel disjointed during home renovation projects, but this bedroom makeover has been especially taxing.

We have undertaken the massive task of sanding our bed.

So out to the garage it went.

And while we work in our room, our mattress has become a murphy bed, flipping it up during the day to paint walls, install beams on our ceiling, or paint the trim.

Then at night, we flip it down onto the floor to sleep.

But that’s part of the process and I knew it going into this makeover.

What I wasn’t expecting was how much it has unsettled me sleeping so oddly.

What do you do when you get into project mode? Do you push through, like me, and go and go and go until it’s finished? Or do you take time to have a day off?

So this week, I have the opportunity to have a quiet day and I think I am going to take a break and really sit and do nothing.

It has been since Christmas since I’ve taken a full day off and it’s time to invest in me.

Maybe a day of TV, flipping through magazines, or even just sitting for a moment with a book.

Shoot! I might even take a nap!

So now for our Welcome Home Sunday posts!

This week, Suzy from Worthing Court is joining us and I am beyond excited she’s here! I have followed her blog for years! Suzy is such a source of inspiration to me and I know you will enjoy what she shares. Head over and give her a visit.

Welcome Home Sunday Week 55

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One Comment

  1. Jen,
    Like you. . .my large projects are done in our two~car garage.
    Here on the Prairie, we have a short window of time when one
    can actually have paint and stain cure properly, due to our humidity.
    Then, the heat sets in and again, time is limited.
    I’m anxiously awaiting the make~over of your Master Bedroom.
    Enjoy your day off. . .savor the time to refuel.
    Thank you for always inspiring!

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