Welcome Home Sunday Week 109

Every week, I look forward to joining a group of talented ladies where we share our latest posts with you. This is Welcome Home Sunday Week 109.

old dresser mirror repurposed as a architectural wall hanging

Did you catch my Instagram stories from the weekend?

We did something big and scary!

We disassembled a baby grand piano that had seen better days and could no longer hold a tune.

After consulting with an expert piano restorer, he shared with us that fixing the piano would cost more than what it was worth.

So we decided to give it new life with a fun project we have planned.

And boy- that first snip of the piano wire was the scariest.

But we are so excited for what the piano has the possibility of becoming.

All day yesterday, I was thinking about change and how difficult it is to adapt to a new normal.

Sometimes all you need to make change happen in your life is to take that first step.

And like this piano, that first step may be a ‘never turning back’ moment. But hold onto hope and the goal you want to achieve and it just may be the pivot point you needed!

Stay tuned for more details about this piano project coming up on the blog!

We are so excited that Jenn and Vicki from 2 Bees in a Pod are joining us! They always inspire me and I know you will love their blog!


Welcome Home Sunday Week 109

Welcome Home Sunday featuring a weekly guest!

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