Welcome Home Sunday Week 106

Every week, I join a group of bloggers sharing our DIY and Home Decor posts. this is Welcome Home Sunday Week 106.

Things have been chugging along here at the Fancher house.

The boys are back in school, Trent is continuing work on our music studio, and I’m starting to work on our taxes.

Earlier this week, I shared a recipe that was passed onto me from my great grandmother. It was given to my mom as part of a wedding gift.

In fact, I made some awesome tea towels for my Mom with the handwritten recipe card from my great grandmother.

I have had this recipe for years and years but never made it.

So we took the time to bake these when my mom visited for Christmas.

And not only were the cookies delicious, but it was such a wonderful time shared with my mom while she was here.

My mom is a wonderful story-teller and she shared her memories with my boys of her time with her grandmother.

All week, I’ve been thinking that so often, we allow things to sit and not be brought out into the open.

But that could mean that we miss out on wonderful opportunities of sharing time with each other.

This past Friday, my son heard from his college of choice of his acceptance this fall.

And suddenly, the glaring reminder that we only have so much time left before he’s gone fell into my lap.

So like this dusty recipe, I encourage you to do something this week that you’ve been putting off.

That board game you kid always asks about, trying that new air fryer you got, or putting on music and dancing.

You never know – you might find yourself making your own memories.


Welcome Home Sunday Week 106

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