Welcome Home Sunday Week 104

Every week, I join a group of decor bloggers sharing the corners of our home. This is Welcome Home Sunday Week 104.

Here we are at the close and start of another year. Anyone else ready for a new change?

One thing that I am clinging to is the promise of renewal each new year brings.

It’s the proverbial fresh slate – a change to start over.

I try to choose a word to focus on each year, but I believe I am going to do things different.

What 2020 taught me the most was my need for a Savior. So instead on focusing on one word, I think I am going to focus on a single verse and have that be my prayer for the year.

Many come to mind initially, but I plan to pray over it and find what the Lord points me to.

I need that daily reminder to focus on Him throughout the day and to align my heart with his, so by having a anchor verse to cling to will help me stay focused on what I should.

More of Him and less of myself. Thee not me!

So I pray that you can also find a way to reset your hearts this upcoming year.

Romans tells us that we are to renew our minds on things not of this world, yet the busyness of life seems to take that away. I pray that you can find a verse to comfort and encourage you this upcoming year.

We are so excited that Michelle from Our Crafty Mom is joining us this week! Scroll down and check out her awesome tips for after Christmas decorating ideas!


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