Welcome Home Sunday #38

It’s another week of Welcome Home Sunday #38! Each and every week, we gather together tips for styling your home, easy DIYs, decorating tricks and more.

I can’t believe this is the last Sunday in September. This year has flown by.

Has it for you?

And what is making it go so fast?

I sat down this week and mapped out my month for October.

It is so incredibly busy that I’m making sure to write in time to relax. And I think that’s the key to the time passing too quickly.

And don’t we think we thrive on busyness?

I’m trying hard to hold on to the need to rest, the need to capture those moments with my almost men before they leave our home, the desire to stop to hold my husband’s hand.

So, I’m trying to rethink my schedule and make sure to create a balance in my home.

How you do create a balance? Leave me a comment below.

One thing I’ve found is carving out moments here and there, which is why I love these Welcome Home Sunday posts. It gives me a moment to sit and read through some inspiration each week.

This week, I am so excited to have Ashley from Modern Glam joining us. She’s a new-to-me account and I can’t wait to dive in to her amazing blog!


Welcome Home Sunday #38

Welcome Home Sunday featuring a weekly guest!

Sincerely, Marie Designs / Quick Easiest Roman Shade

Welcome Home Sunday: Quick easiest roman shade.

The Tattered Pew / How to Add Vintage Decor to Your Fall Porch

Mums, pumpkins and old vintage contaiers are perfect for Fall porch decor.

White Arrows Home / Fall Porch Gives Curb Appeal

Welcome Home Sunday: Fall porch gives curb appeal

Seeking Lavender Lane / Fall Porch Decor

Welcome Home Sunday: Fall porch decor

Noting Grace / How to Easily Revive A Vintage Wardrobe

Welcome Home Sunday: Revive a vintage wardrobe

Modern Glam / Layered Doormat Ideas for Fall

Welcome Home Sunday with Modern Glam: Layered doormat ideas for Fall.

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