Welcome Home Saturday Week 146

Looking for ideas for your home? Follow along each week as we share posts from multiple bloggers over the previous week. This is Welcome Home Saturday Week 146.

Every have one of those weeks?

You know – the kind of week where you just wish you could do over?

That was us this week.

The stress of getting this basement done in time got to both of us and it got ugly, my friends.

Trent and I had a fight – which is a rare occurance for us.

Now, not to say we’re special – we just happen to really get along well.

But when we do have a disagreement, it’s always a doozy.

Maybe it’s because we are artsy, emotional performers full of passion that when we butt heads, it’s not pretty.

However, we feel deeply and we love deeply, so things were back on track not long after.

Sometimes renovations get the best of us and it’s good to know that we can stick it out in the midst of stress and drama.

So, things were a bit quiet on the blog this week. Mostly because I’m bare knuckling it to get this room done.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these wonderful posts from my friends.

Welcome Home Saturday Week 146

Welcome Home Saturday A Weekly Decor Digest

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