Welcome Home Saturday Week 136

Looking for weekly inspiration? I am joining a group of home decor bloggers sharing their posts from the week. This is Welcome Home Saturday Week 136.

Well, I did it.

It’s officially been a week since our oldest son went off to college!

young man walking on brick pavement on a college campus

And I didn’t cry the whole way home.

See that picture above? Well, it tells a story and an answer to prayer.

Last Saturday, we spent the day moving our son into his apartment and getting him ready for classes the next Monday.

Exhausted and hungry, Trent and I took the boys out for dinner before heading back home.

Our youngest hadn’t seen the campus yet, so after we ate, we walked around so he could check it out.

The four of us were talking and laughing – having a great time.

Then suddenly, I noticed it was just the three of us.

Our oldest had moved ahead of us about 50 yards.

And it hit me.

That was the moment that the baby bird officially flew the nest.

It was just a few months ago that we were trying to push him out of the nest – without much luck.

My gentle (6’7″) giant has always walked to his own beat and done things in his own time.

To be honest, this was concerning for Trent and I, wondering if he was ready for this next huge step.

Well, this first week on his own was a success for him and us! No tears or sadness, just excitement for what lays ahead!

And on a side note – Trent and I are loving having extra time to spend together with both kids back in school! 😉

Now onto this weeks inspo!

Lynn from At Home in the Wildwood is joining us as guest host. She is sharing some oh so yummy oatmeal recipes. Just in time for fall!

Welcome Home Saturday Week 136

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  1. That’s what we are slowly learning! It’s been fun spending some quality time together, just the two of us!

  2. I remember what it was like officially becoming an empty nester! It takes some time getting used to it, but my husband and I are really loving all our quality time together 🥰 Enjoy yourselves ☺️❤️

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