Welcome Home Saturday Week 135

Every Saturday, a group of bloggers join together to create a weekly decor digest in hopes to inspire you. This is Welcome Home Saturday Week 135.

Today is the day.


My baby bird flies away from the nest and off to his first year of college.

White arm chair with blue pillow sitting next to a soft blue painted dresser.

We filled up our Music Studio with boxes and furniture and take him this afternoon.

And there are have already been hot tears welling up in our eyes this week.

But Trent and I had a heart to heart last night.

We realized that we could look at this two ways.

One way, we could fill ourselves with sadness knowing that there is an empty spot in our home where our gentle giant used to be.

But the second way to approach this is with a job well done. He graduated from High School a year early, has never gotten into trouble and lives a clean life loving the Lord.

That is a success story! And that means we did our job as parents to this young man.

Now, I’m not saying I won’t be ugly crying all the way home on that 2 hour drive, but they will be tears of joy!

So if you have a moment today, please say a prayer. For us as parents to be strong letting go of our son as he takes the first big step into the real world.

And if you could also lift my son in prayer. For a successful first year at college while continuing to grow closer to the Lord.

Now let’s get on to this week’s inspiration! This week, I shared how I finally found the right diet for me after a long 3 years of trying.

And Kim from Cottage In The Mitten is joining us as guest host this week and you will love her blog. She has some great tips on how to create that she shed feel in your home.

Welcome Home Saturday Week 135

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  1. So glad you joined us – you are welcome back any time! 😉

  2. Remember, it’s okay to ugly cry once in awhile. This is a hard step. What a blessing it is for our kids to love the Lord! Well done mama! So honored to be the guest blogger this week. Thank you!💛

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