Welcome Home Saturday Week 133

Every week, a group of home decor bloggers gather to share their posts from the week. This is Welcome Home Saturday Week 133.

Well, it’s been while, friends.

That’s because, my family had caught the dreaded virus. All four of us, including my mother who was in town visiting.

Wooden four post bed with a black accent wall.

I had spent the past 2 weeks recovering in this beautiful bedroom.

Over on my instagram page, I shared the news and asked for prayer for our family.

And everyone was so very gracious, but I was also shocked at some of the response.

Were you vaccinated? Were you not vaccinated?

I gave very generalized statements about whether or not our family was vaccinated. My go to response was, “Of the 5 of us that are sick, some were vaccinated and some were not, but our symptoms were all the same – regardless of the vaccination.”

But that didn’t suffice. I even had someone ask, “But were YOU vaccinated?!”


Not a response wishing my family well. Nope.

One little post became a political platform for others to weigh in on a difficult subject. So much so that I had to turn off comments.

What ever happened to kindness and compassion?

In the midst of a pandemic, how can we as a nation become so insensitive to the illness of others?

This virus didn’t discriminate, but we feel it’s okay to attack someone while they are down without knowing the full story.

While this makes my heart sad, I am also very, very grateful for the outcome with my family. It could have been so much worse for us and I know there are many others who have not been spared.

We never know the road others walk and the hurdles they may face. I hope and pray this encourages you to approach others with a kind heart and benefit of the doubt.

Enough political talk – let get on to some beautiful posts!

We are so excited that Heather from My Life Well Loved joining us this week. She is sharing some awesome tips to organize your pantry!

Welcome Home Saturday Week 133

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