Welcome Home Saturday Week 125

Every week, I join a fabulous group of gals sharing the corners of their homes to inspire you. This is Welcome Home Saturday Week 125.

Do you ever feel like life is coming at you really fast?

That has been my past few weeks and I’m bare knuckling it just trying to hold on.

Or hold it together.

Last week, I mentioned that my oldest graduated and this past week, we attended his college orientation.

I don’t know what I had imagined, but I guessed we would be experiencing the day together.


We weren’t more than 20 feet from our car when someone said, “Parents exit through that door. Students exit through that door.”

Um…the doors were in opposite directions.

I know that we are in the beginning stages of letting go, but that was as if someone had come by with a butcher knife and -whack- cut any tethers that were there.

It was jarring, but it was a good thing.

It’s sink or swim time for not just our son, but for Trent and me as well.

The day ended up being wonderful, overwhelming and at times, a bit scary. The car ride home was interesting as we shared our dreams and fears with each other.

But what an honor to have front row seats to this exciting adventure our son is about to embark on.

So, if things have been a bit quiet from me, just know, I’m savoring each moment and taking time to adjust to this new normal.

But let’s get on to this week’s guest!

We are so excited to have Paula from Sweet Pea joining us this week. I always love when she guest hosts and the amazing tips she shares. This week, she is showing some easy floral arranging tips you don’t want to miss!


Welcome Home Saturday Week 125

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